Project Introduction

Community leaders are teaming up to tackle COVID-19 in South Carolina. Scientists, medical doctors, public health officials, and local organizations have come together to fight back against the novel coronavirus, and you can help! The South Carolina Strong Project is an initiative to strengthen our state’s response to the virus by investigating who has had the virus and our community’s experiences during the pandemic. This will help to address some of the many challenges associated with the pandemic. This project will help our state leaders and public health experts understand how our state is handling the response to COVID-19, and how we can better help individuals in our state.

Coronavirus closeup
Coronavirus overlayed over the world

People in South Carolina, the US, and around the globe have been greatly impacted by COVID-19. Some individuals will develop symptoms of the virus, and some will not, making it hard to determine the true number of people who have been infected. There are many unanswered questions about why the virus causes certain groups of people to have worse symptoms than others. This science-based testing approach will allow us to better understand health equity concerns in our state.

The goal of the South Carolina Strong Project is to understand the true number of people in South Carolina who have been infected with novel coronavirus so that we can strengthen how our state is responding to the virus now and how we can better plan, test, and protect South Carolinians in the future.  Our first round of testing will occur this fall, with quarterly testing occurring until next fall 2021.

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